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For a long time, I have felt that it would be useful to have a catalogue of his etchings and prints and I finally got round to building one up myself. To make it more usable and flexible enough to be capable of expansion, I have worked on the following principles.

The first digit indicates the main category:-
1 Dogs, 2 Horses, 3 Big Cats, 4 People, 5 Other animals, 6 Landscapes, 7 Etchings from the works of other artists and 8 Original works, unlisted as prints and miscellaneous works

The second two digits indicate either the breed or species. 00 is used if there is no need for a subcategory.
Dog subcategories are 01 Airedale Terriers, 02 Bloodhounds, 03 Bulldogs, 04 Bull Terrriers, 05 Cocker Spaniels, 06 Dandie Dinmont Terriers, 07 Deerhounds, 08 French Bulldogs, 09 German Shepherds then called Alsatians, 10 Great Danes, 11 King Charles Spaniels, 12 Mastiffs, 13 Pekinese, 14 Retrievers, 15 Collies, 16 Scottish Terriers, 17 Sealyham Terriers, 18 Terriers (non specified), 19 West Highland White Terriers, 20 Unspecified and 21 Wire Haired Fox Terriers. If more than 2 breeds are depicted, I have classified it by the larger of the breeds.
For big cats 01 Leopards, 02 Lions and 03 Tigers.
For other animals 01 Polar Bears, 02 Domestic cats, 03 Wolves, 04 Cattle, 05 Sheep and 06 Geese

After the subcategory the pictures are given two digit numbers as identifiers.

Information on each will be, where I have it available, Size, Number if print was limited edition, publisher, year first published, a brief description and, in some cases, a thumbnail photograph.
Later, I will be adding the different categories of prints available later, as information becomes available e.g. Artistís Proofs on vellum, Lettered proofs on Japanese, Prints on Creswick paper and Prints on Creswick Paper (hand coloured). If the plate had been or was to be destroyed, as per Frost and Reed catalogue of circa 1930, this will also be shown,

I will not include any information on modern re-strikes, as these do not come under a collectorís definition of "Fine Art". Many are available and can be pleasing decoration; I own a couple myself but most are inaccurately and luridly coloured and often wrongly described as to breed. My pet beef is the number of Irish Wolfhound owners who claim Dicksee's deerhounds as their own. Dicksee owned and drew deerhounds. Even worse are some of the so called art dealers, who go along with this and sell the work as an Irish Wolfhound, because they can make more money, by so doing. However the worst example is the print of the Cocker Spaniel head (HD10501), which has been coloured in brown, by some vandal, on the dark parts of the print and offered for sale as an English Springer. Buyers also have to be wary of the ignorance or culpability of some of the re-strike companies who, on occasions, ascribe works that have no connection with Herbert Dicksee. Two examples that I have found recently have been "Enforced Abstinence", two lions eying up a crocodile in their watering place, which was engraved by Wallace Hester from an original by W. Austin and "Scottie and Khaki", two terriers engraved by S.C. Pratt from an original by Margaret Collyer. The printer of the re-strikes has now corrected these wrong attributions on his web site, but they may still be found further down the sales chain.

Please remember that this is a work in progress and I will be glad to correct any inaccuracies, add any missing information that I am sent. I would especially  welcome any photographs that are missing or where the images shown in the catalogue are not up to standard. I can scan and include in the on-line or CD Rom version. The CD Rom is not yet available. I would like more information, before I burn the CD.

Please send any information to dicksees@mike-herwin.com

I hope that you will find this useful.

Links to the etchings and prints

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  4. Big Cats Big Cats

  5. People People

  6. Other animals Other Animals

  7. Landscapes Landscapes

  8. Etchings after other artists From other artists

  9. Original paintings, drawings and miscellaneous Originals

  10. Miscellaneous items including book illustrations Misc
  11. Is this an original Dicksee or not? A Questionable Original  
  12. A list of works exhibited at the Royal Academy 1895 to 1933 Royal Academy
  13.     Definitions of terms used Etching terms