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After Chevy Chase by Herbert Dicksee, R.E.

This photograph, taken with the picture in situ, comes from the National Trust property, Cragside. I am indebted to Leonarda Pogodzinski, of bloodhound fame, for both the photograph and the following notes:-

"Here is the old Deerhound with its Bloodhound Companion, evincing that fidelity, which is a glowing characteristic of both dogs. They have found their dead master, after the famous battle, and who can call them dumb animals when their eyes are so expressive.

This fine painting is by Herbert Dicksee and hangs in the well known Victorian manor called Cragside, situated at Rothbury, Northumberland.

A splendidly appropriate gift to the National Trust for Cragside in 1997 by Colonel and Mrs Gray-Heap.

The medieval Ballad of Chevy Chase tells of the quarrel between the neighbouring border families of Percy and Douglas. Eventually they met in battle on Chevy Chase, where both their leaders are slain.

The picture hangs in the drawing room at Cragside and is about ten feet by six feet"

Apart from the opportunity of seeing this marvellous original Dicksee, Cragside is well worth a visit. The house was built  on the bare, rugged hills above Rothbury. Its owner and inspiration was a Victorian inventor, the first Lord Armstrong. It was one of the most innovative of all Victorian major houses and in the 1880's it had hot and cold running water, central heating, fire alarms, an internal telephone system, a passenger lift but above all it is known for being the first house in the world to be powered by hydro-electricity.

The gardens are world famous, with Europe's largest rock garden, terracing and extensive glass houses, which provided exotic fruit on a year round basis. Over 7 million trees were planted on the 1000 acre estate, which abounds with lakes. There are over 30 miles of paths.

It is a National Trust property and more can be found out about it by visiting the National Trust web site and local tourist web sites for Northumbria and the North East of England.